Art Studio

For more than twenty years, the Arts Program at Heartside Ministry has existed as a safe and catalyzing environment for the expression of the emotions, ideas, creativity and spirituality of Heartside neighbors.

The program space exists as both a studio and a gallery; the large storefront windows, high ceilings and supportive atmosphere makes for a setting that is especially conducive to artistic endeavor.

Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm the space is open to the public for creating, learning, socialization, perusing and commerce. If you are interested in making an appointment during non-gallery hours, please contact Sarah Scott (the arts coordinator) at (616) 235-7211 ext. 103.

The gallery is also open for special neighborhood and city functions (e.g. the monthly arts walk). Under the guidance of Sarah, these often self-taught artists have produced a prolific and moving body of work, spanning various mediums, styles and subject matters. Sarah works to encourage the intuitive and spontaneous artistic tendencies within each individual artist. You are encouraged to visit the studio and gallery space—whether to create, make friends or pick up a one of a kind gift for yourself or a loved one.

We invite you to view additional art located in Heartside’s own studio and gallery, made by the artists of the neighborhood–intuitive, “outsider” and primitive schools–are all reflected in the creative expressions of people who speak honestly from their experiences of being marginalized, disenfranchised or largely ignored by society. Beautiful, vibrant, colorful images pour forth hope, full of intelligence, insight, whimsy and grace. The art is for sale, most pieces are priced between $10 & $40 and proceeds directly benefit the individual artist. The ministry receives 26% of the proceeds, which it uses to help pay for the artist’s free supplies, and the artists earn the remaining 74%.To see examples of neighbor’s artwork please visit our flickr page.